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Transform your amazon Presence In 30 days or less

Are you tired of struggling to gain visibility on Amazon, with your listings buried among millions of other products?
We are retailers who are passionate about helping brands succeed on Amazon. We use our expertise to optimize your listings, increase your visibility, and boost your sales.

Strengthen Your Brand Identity

Reaffirm your brand identity and values through a custom Amazon storefront that aligns with your overall brand image.


Outrank Your Competitors

Outrank your competitors in Amazon's search results by optimizing your product listings.


Unlock New Markets

Unlock new markets and reach new customers with our comprehensive off-Amazon marketing strategies.


Build A Connection With Your Customers

Reviews, messaging, and posts serve as a bridge from your brand to your customers, and can establish a foundation for brand loyalty.


Maximize Conversions with Image Optimization

Optimize your images to tell a compelling story and entice customers to buy.


Catalog Management and Optimization

Trust us to optimize your Amazon catalog for maximum customer engagement and better sales results.

We're in it for the Long Haul

We're not interested in a one-and-done approach to selling on Amazon. We're committed to building a long-term partnership with you and your business.

Your Amazon Success Partner

We're committed to being your partner in Amazon success, providing you with the tools and resources you need to achieve your goals.

No Fee for Our Services

We provide consulting services at no cost to you. We make our money through profitable sales of your products on Amazon.

About Us

At In Design Industries, we take partnerships seriously. This means going the extra mile in every service we provide is not just the norm - it's the standard in our organization. Our services in marketing, optimization, and IT are exceptional because we strive to go above and beyond expectations consistently.

We are committed to maintaining long-term business relationships, and we are aware that this can only be achieved with the best company culture and values. It's through these values - such as honesty, mutual respect, accountability, and willingness to serve - that we've kept our partnerships continuously going strong through the years.

Ready to see real results from your Amazon sales? Contact us for a free analysis today!

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